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young carers

Carers come in all ages

See what support is available for young carers

On this page you can find:

  • Who is a young carer
  • How to get support in Bromley

Finding support in Bromley

Being a young carer can affect a young person’s social life and even health. But young people can learn lots of useful skills by being a young carer.

Young carers can be particularly vulnerable and in need of specialist support and advice.

To speak to a friendly advisor, no matter what your need:

Bromley Well provides support for Young Carers aged 4 to 19 to manage caring relationships whilst enjoying their childhood.

Below, some of the services provided:

  • Opportunities to meet with other young carers, have fun, discuss any worries and try out new activities
  • Emotional support
  • Counselling by a professional counsellor
  • Training courses / workshops
  • On-line support
  • Peer support groups
  • Leisure activities
  • A Young Carers Forum
  • Support for preparing for adulthood


Click here to find out more about Bromley Well.

Bromley Well brings together a variety of individual support services in a partnership of voluntary organisations from across Bromley’s Third Sector, comprising Age UK Bromley and Greenwich, Bromley and Lewisham Mind, Bromley Citizens Advice Bureau, Bromley Mencap and Community Links Bromley.


Who is a young carer

If you are a child or young adult who spends time supporting a member of your family or a friend with everyday tasks that they cannot manage because of an illness or a disability, then you are a young carer, and there is support available for you.

Some of the ways young people care for someone are:

  • Staying in the house a lot to be there for them
  • Helping them to get up, get washed or dressed, or helping with toileting
  • Doing lots of the household chores like shopping, cleaning and cooking
  • Looking after younger brothers and sisters
  • Managing the family budget and collecting prescriptions
  • Providing emotional support or a shoulder to cry on
  • Helping someone communicate or take the medicines


Young Carers Forum

The purpose of the forum is for young carers to have a say and play a key role in the shaping of the service.

After the forum, there will be a workshop for looking at the people who can help you and support you when things get difficult, busy or confusing.

The forum is aimed at young carers aged 10-19.

See when there will be the next forum clicking here.

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