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SENDMatters in Bromley

Keeping you up to date with what's going on with SEND services in Bromley.

Latest news

SEND Update

Date: 28 February 2019

Our SENDMatters Monthly Update is designed to give you that latest news and update from the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) reforms happening across Bromley right now.

We have captured updates from across the borough as well as highlighting the celebrations from the Bromley Parent Voice Awards held in January.

Be sure to look out for our new monthly features of 'Who’s who in SEND?' and 'SEND Mythbusters'.

This redesigned SENDMatters format is designed for you to read online:

Download SENDMatters Update now > [pdf]

We hope you enjoy it!


CAMHS Trailblazer Pilot – Important Survey

Date: 12 February 2019

Thank you for to those schools who have provide their representatives to discuss the Mental Health Support Teams in Schools Trailblazer Pilot.

The Pilot funds 2 dedicated teams who will each work with a cohort of 8,000 pupils and will provide universal mental health support over two years through:

  • Senior Wellbeing Practitioner
  • Wellbeing Practitioner (2 per Team)
  • New Role – Education Mental Health Practitioner (4 per Team)
  • Supervisor

The Pilot funding will extend to approximately a third of the overall pupil population in Bromley. Therefore the Trailblazer working group was tasked with agreeing how to best harness these new resources to provide long term benefit for all Bromley schools.

The group worked well together to agree a model for delivery which is both fair and transparent and which makes the maximum use of the opportunity so that others may benefit at a later date.

The outcomes of the Group’s discussions areas follows:

1. The group agreed that the most important factor in selecting schools is their willingness to participate and their capacity to do so. They also decided to ask schools to put themselves forward as there is no easy way to measure schools capacity.

2. The model will operate in two local hubs to maximise contact time in schools. The selected schools within the hubs will be in close proximity to each other to maximise contact time.

3. The focus will be Primary to Secondary transition as this can be the catalyst for exacerbating existing MH difficulties – Years 5,6,7,8 were agreed as target year groups; once the number of schools participating is known, there may be scope to include other year groups.

4. It is preferable to have greater capacity in fewer schools than less capacity in a greater number of schools.

5. Schools that already receive higher levels of mental health support will not be selected.

6. All schools Primary, Junior and Secondary schools can apply, including independent schools.

7. All children in the agreed year groups from selected schools will have access to the mental health support even if they live in a neighbouring authority.

All Bromley schools have been the opportunity to set out details of their readiness and willingness to participate. Partnership between primary and secondary schools to support transition well is a central theme and schools are asked to indicate who they expect to work with.

Further information will be provided later in the year.

SEND Update

Date: 25 January 2019

1. Nurture Group Network Meeting

Last Tuesday (15th January) saw the launch of the Bromley Nurture Group Network attended by over 35 professionals representing 18 schools within Bromley. The group consisted of schools who currently have a Nurture Group Provision in place and also those that are interested in setting one up.

The vision for the group is to support schools to develop and maintain quality Nurture Group Provision, to encourage schools working together to support each other, and also broader issues around what good practice looks like and ensuring good outcomes for the children.

We would like to invite individuals to be part of a Nurture Group Steering Committee. The committee will initially be responsible for setting up the Terms of Reference for the Network and ongoing will play a role in how the network is developed including identifying topics for the next meetings. The Nurture Group Steering Committee meeting is set for Tuesday 26th February at 4pm at Harris Primary Academy Kent House.

The next Nurture Group Network meeting will be 4pm Tuesday 5th March at Southborough Primary School.

To reserve your place at this meeting, and to express your interest in being part of the Nurture Group Steering Committee, please email liz.lake@bromley.gov.uk.


2. SEND Training Collaborative – Launch of the SEND SLEs

The Teaching Schools in Bromley, working in collaboration with the local authority and schools with a SEND Specialism or provision, have designated and are currently training up a team of 8 SEND Specialist Leaders in Education from across Bromley schools.

They will be available to support reviews of SEND provision, provide school to school support with a focus on SEND and coordinate and deliver training for SENCOs, Teachers and Teaching Assistants.

This forms one part of a broader Bromley SEND Training Collaboration to meet the SEND training and development needs of Bromley Schools.

More information will follow when the SLEs are available for deployment and the collated training offer completed.

If you would like to find out more about the work of the SEND SLEs or would like more information on how to become an SEND SLE please contact Paul Foster by emailing PJF@hayes.bromley.sch.uk.


3. The Bromley SEND Autism Partnership Group Enquiry

The Department of Health will shortly be undertaking a review to ‘drive improvements to the lives of children who have autism’.

This has already been flagged up by the Bromley SEND Governance Board as an area where improvement is required and in order to make local progress a partnership group has been set up to understand what changes might be needed across the local area.

The partnership group has agreed to use the Department of Health’s 4 work strands to underpin their work.

The review will look at:

  • Transforming outcomes for children and young people who have autism by ensuring they get the right support in their communities and joining up health, care and education services to address autistic children’s needs holistically
  • Ensuring that diagnostic services are developed to improve earlier diagnosis of autism in line with clinical guidance
  • Improving the transition between children and adult services, which many families find difficult, so no young people fall through the cracks, and ending the inappropriate reliance on impatient hospital care
  • Improving our understanding of autism and all its profiles, including recently identified forms such as Pathological Demand Avoidance

The partnership will also be exploring what benefits (or perceived benefits) are brought by having a formal diagnosis.

To take part in the initial enquiry we are inviting all individuals to give their views in this 7 minute survey (closing date 15th February) - www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/KBRXYSJ

The recommendations for our next steps will be published in the Summer Term.

For more information regarding the Bromley ASD partnership Project please contact Hilary.Rogers@nhs.net.


4. Launch of SENDMattersBromley

This month sees the launch of the SENDMattersBromley webpage on the Local Offer.

The aim of the page is to give up to date information on the changes that are happening within Bromley SEND Community. 


5. Bromley Parent Voice Update

Are you interested in making a difference for families across Bromley with children and young people with SEND? Bromley Parent Voice (BPV) is looking for new people to join their team of trustees to help shape and improve services available for families across Bromley.

To find out more information please contact Pip Rastall on 07803 287838 or email info@bromleyparentvoice.org.uk.


6. Monthly features:

a) Who’s who in SEND?

Who: Sarah Childs (sarah.childs2@nhs.net)

Role: Bromley’s Designated Clinical Officer (DCO)

Location: Bromley CCG, Beckenham Beacon

Did you know that the Children and Families Act recommends that every local area has a Designated Clinical Officer (DCO) for SEND?

Here in Bromley we are one of only a few local areas who have employed a DCO full time.

In her role:

  • Sarah attends the SEND Governance board and has a key role in making sure that the SEND reforms are implemented from a health perspective.
  • Sarah also supports joint working between Bromley Council and our health partners across a range of different SEND projects and work streams.
  • Since starting in Bromley Sarah has been working with us on the following areas:
    • Improving quality of EHC plans
    • Developing more robust decision making for EHC needs assessment requests
    • Implementing the EHC e-portal from a health perspective
    • Identifying pre-school children who may have an SEND


b) SEND Mythbuster

Myth: “Bromley don’t issue EHC plans for children or young people in mainstream schools”

FACT: Nearly 1/3 of children and young people with a plan in Bromley are in a mainstream school.



Cash boost for Bromley children’s mental health

Date: 15 January 2019

Young people in Bromley are set to benefit from a £2.4m cash boost to help their mental health.

NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group worked with partners in Bromley to successfully bid for this additional funding. The CCG was pre-selected to bid as Bromley mental health services are exceeding certain national mental health targets. NHS England was particularly impressed by the high standard of the bid and the ongoing plans to transform and improve outcomes for CYP with mental health needs in Bromley.

The funding will be used to established new Mental Health Support Teams to develop models of early intervention on mild to moderate mental health issues as well as providing help to staff within a school and college setting. The teams will act as a link with local children and young people’s mental health services and be supervised by NHS staff. In Bromley we will also be trialling a four week waiting time for access to specialist NHS children and young people’s mental health services.

Find out more 

Visit www.bromleyccg.nhs.uk/news/cash-boost-for-bromley-childrens-mental-health/78735.

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