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Bromley Council's Adoption Support Services

Learn about the range of services for adoptive families & birth parents that have been affected by adoption

This page provides information about the range of adoption support services available in the borough and how to access them.

Adoption support is the provision of a range of services for adoptive families and birth parents that have been affected by adoption.

For all adoptive families, there are specific services available.

Post Adoption Support Needs Assessment

Who can request an assessment for adoption support?

✓ An adoptive parent or family

✓ An adopted adult

✓ The birth parent of an adopted child

Post Adoption Needs Assessment will provide support to adoptive parents, children and teenagers. It will identify the need and the Social Worker can then refer the family to a therapeutic service which can be funded by the Adoption Support Fund.

You may find it useful to read the The Adoption Passport: A Support Guide for Adopters [PDF, 288 KB] from First4Adoption.



Birth relatives who want to have contact with a birth family member placed for adoption have the legal right to ask for this to happen.

If it's agreed that you keeping in contact would be good for the child, arrangements can be made informally at the time a child is placed for adoption. You can ask for counselling or support including assistance with letterbox and direct contact arrangements at any time before or after the adoption.

If the child has already been adopted please get in touch with our post-adoption team during office hours.


Contacting adult adopted family members

Birth relatives who want to find out about, or have contact with, a birth family member placed for adoption as a child who is now an adult, have the legal right to ask for this to happen; it is up to the adopted person to decide whether they wish it. We can provide an intermediary service but not a tracing service.


What are Access to Information Services?

Access to information services are specifically for adopted adults who want to access their information around their adoption.


Who is eligible for this service?

Adults who were adopted through the London Borough of Bromley or who currently reside within the London Borough of Bromley.


Accessing your records

When you are ready to see your records, send us a letter to the address on this page stating that you would like to see your files. To help us find your records, we will need details of your adoption and a copy of your original birth certificate.

If you were adopted after 1975, you can obtain a copy of your birth certificate from the General Register Office [external website] once you are 18 years old.

Before that date, many parents and adopters were told the adopted child would not be able to find out their original name or their birth parents’ names. So, if you were born before 12 November 1975, you will need to talk to a social worker from the agency who arranged the adoption to prepare you for what might happen and to obtain a copy of your birth certificate.

We can act as an intermediary if you do decide to trace a birth relative but we do not offer a tracing service. There may be some fees connected to this service in relation to obtaining information necessary to undertake this type of enquiry.




020 8313 4193

Duty service - open five days a week, 8.45am to 5pm



Write to

Post Adoption Team, London Borough of Bromley,
Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley, BR1 3UH 


Find out more

Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium Is an amount of money that is available to support school age children, adopted from care, to meet their needs whilst in school.

Find out more at www.gov.uk/guidance/pupil-premium-information-for-schools-and-alternative-provision-settings [external website].

Priority Schooling

Children who have been adopted from care have priority access to the school that is felt best meets their needs.

Find out more by reading the Department for Education's press release "New rules to overhaul adoption" from May 2014 [external website].

Early Access To Education

Preschool age children are entitled to free early year’s education and childcare and children age 3-4 have more extended hours available to them.

Find out more by reading the First4Adoption and Department for Education's guide to the support available for people who have adopted a child [external website].

Adoption Leave And Pay

From April 2015, there has been number of changes to adoption leave and pay, as well as the introduction of shared parental leave, all of which are positive for potential adopters. To qualify for these new arrangements, the match date (date on matching certificate) or notification of commencement of a fostering for adoption placement must be on or after 5th April 2015.

Find out more by reading the Adoption pay and leave guidance on the GOV.UK website [external website].


Adoptive parents are now entitled to support around finding suitable housing.

Find out more by visiting the First4Adoption website [external website].

Assessment of Financial Support

Adoption allowances may be paid under certain circumstances where it is considered that an adoption would not otherwise be possible or practical. An allowance might be paid to help adopters cope with the costs involved for caring for a group of siblings or a child with special needs.

Find out more by visiting the CoramBAAF website [external website].

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