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Find out more information about schools in your area and how to apply or search for other learning opportunities for you and your family.  

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Day nurseries and pre-school

Day nurseries provide services to children from birth to school age. They are usually open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, for 51 weeks a year.

Although the cost can vary, they usual cost from £45 to £70 per day.

Pre-school provide services to children aged from two to school age.

Although the cost can vary, they usual cost from £11 to £18 per session.

Click here to find your nearest nursery or pre-school.


Schools in Bromley

Search the directory for schools in the borough and their contact details.

Find out more information on the Bromley admissions process, attendance, free school meals and term dates. 


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Further and higher education

Further and higher education colleges offer a variety of courses leading to academic and vocational qualifications.

  • Further Education (FE) is normally open to students aged 16 and over.
  • Higher Education (HE) normally applies to those age 18 and over.
  • Students may be eligible for financial assistance for living expenses and travel costs.

Find out more.

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Special Educational Needs

Most children with special educational needs can be taught in mainstream schools – even if they do have a statement of special educational needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan.

If your child has more severe or complex needs they may need to go to a school with a special unit or a special school.

Click here to find out about applying for a school.


Training and work

Whether you are just starting out or are looking for a change of career it will always help to seek advice on your training needs or job search.

Find out more.

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Adult Education

From bookkeeping to music and performing arts. See what courses are available in and around Bromley.  

You can also find out about distance learning and how to pay for your course.

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