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Keeping adults safe from harm

- get advice to help you, or your loved one, stay safe from harm and abuse

Everybody has the right to live their life safely, away from the risk of abuse and free from harm.

There are some groups of people who are more vulnerable to people who may choose to cause them harm, or who are unable to tell other people that they have been harmed easily. They could be vulnerable due to a disability, their old age, dementia or other conditions that limit their communication.

This section provides a range of information, advice and tips to help you, or your loved one, stay safe from harm and abuse. This includes information from a range of different organisations – such as Trading Standards, the Fire Service, Which?, and the Citizens Advice Bureau. It also sets out what abuse is in the law and when Bromley Council’s Adult Social Services will step in.

You can also find out about how the Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) is helping to make Bromley a safer place to live and work. You can also download and read the BSAB’s Practitioners Library of tools, guidance & policy - please note that this is a very large document - which has been written to help those who are working with adults across the borough.

If you are concerned someone is at risk of abuse:

Visit the Bromley Council website [external website]

Out of hours emergencies only:

Call 0300 303 8671 on Monday to Friday from 5.00pm to 8.30am, and during weekends

Form for professionals

Initial Enquiry Form for professionals


Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board

See how the partnership is helping to make Bromley a safer place to live & work.


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Report abuse

Find out who to talk to if you are worried about the safety of an adult.


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