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Our foster children need you!

- could you give them a loving home?

Did you know?

✓ You can foster from any age over 21

✓ You can foster if you own or rent your home, provided you have a spare bedroom

✓ You can foster if you are single, living with a partner, or married


What is fostering?

Being a foster carer means providing a family for a baby, child or young person whose family can no longer look after them.

There are different types of foster care - some are for short periods of just a few days and others can be for longer periods until the child or young person reaches adulthood. You can find out more about different types of foster care on our Types of fostering page.

Bromley have a diverse group of children who need foster care and we welcome foster carers from a wide variety of backgrounds. Find out if you could become one of the borough’s extraordinary carers on our Who can foster? page.

To help you understand what it is like to foster for Bromley, you can read stories about our foster carers and meet our children.


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