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SEN Pathfinder Champion

Bromley together with our partners in Bexley, has regional Pathfinder Champion status for London.
This means we are leading the trialling and testing of the government's reforms to services for children and young people with Special Educational Needs.

This page provides key information and updates on our Pathfinder Champion programme.

Regional Pathfinder Champions' Role

We are providing the following types of support and advice over the course of 2013-14 across London:

  • Regular sharing of information, including the showcasing of good practice from both pathfinder and non-pathfinder areas across the range of SEND reforms
  • Regional conferences
  • Workshops/seminars for each thematic area (please see below for an outline of these thematic areas)
  • Contributing to developing self-evaluation tools for non-pathfinders to use to help them prepare themselves for implementation of the reforms
  • 1:1 support with non-pathfinder local authority areas
  • Case studies demonstrating effective approaches to implementing the SEND reforms

Thematic areas

Thematic areas being covered by pathfinders include:

Pathfinder Champion Programme of Events

In our role as Pathfinder Champion, we are hosting a number of events. These can be viewed in the following Programme of Events:

Bromley and Bexley Programme of events (February 2014)

The presentations, handouts and other key information from our events are also available:

[We will be added more events shortly]
For further information regarding all events contained in the Programme of Events, please contact bromley.pathfinderchampion@phoenixsch.org.uk.

Useful Links

National Special Educational Needs Pathfinder website
Department for Education Special Educational Needs reforms information
Council for Disabled Children reform site
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