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employment - your right at work

Your rights at work

Advice about employment & flexible working for carers

On this page you can discover:

  • If you are eligible for flexible working hours
  • How to apply
  • The employer responsibilities
  • How Bromley Well can help you

To help you carry out your caring duties, you may be eligible for flexible working hours with your employer. This can allow you to manage your work and caring responsibilities.

Who can apply

Anyone with 26 weeks continuous employment has the right to apply for flexible working.

Flexible working can include:

  • Part-time working
  • Flexi-time
  • Home or remote working
  • Job share
  • Term-time working
  • Shift-swapping
  • Self-rostering
  • Staggered hours
  • Annualised hours

You can only make one application per year, although you may make a subsequent one if your situation has changed and your employer is sympathetic to your situation.


How to request

A request for flexible working must be made in writing, dated and includes:

  • An overview of your desired working pattern
  • How this might affect your job, if at all, and how any potential changes
  • could be dealt with
  • A suggested start date
  • A statement to say that you are making a flexible working request
  • Details of any previous flexible working requests, including the date

Some employers have a standard application form which they use, so you should discuss this with your employer before making an application.

Once you have made your request, your employer has 3 months in which to make a decision.


Employers' responsibilities

Employers must

  • Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the application
  • Hold a meeting to discuss the request with you
  • Offer you an appeals process

Your employer will respond in writing as to the outcome of your request. You can only be refused if they have a good business reason to do so, and will have to explain this in their letter.

A good business reason may include:

  • Extra costs
  • An inability to reorganise work amongst existing staff
  • Being unable to recruit additional staff
  • A detrimental impact on quality or performance
  • Not enough work to do during the proposed working times
  • Business reorganisation or changes to the workforce


Unsuccessful application

If your application is unsuccessful, you might be able to appeal. Some employers will have an appeals procedure in place, while the Acas Code of Practice recommends that an employee should be allowed to appeal against a negative decision, and be accompanied by a work colleague or union representative at an appeal meeting.

If you are allowed to appeal and decide to go ahead, this must be considered and decided upon within the 3 month time limit.


Get help from Bromley Well

Bromley Well provides a range of interventions to support, maintain or improve professionals’ health and wellbeing and stay independent.

The service helps break down the barriers to employment, volunteering and training for older people, adult and young carers, adults with learning difficulties, adults with physical difficulties, people with low level mental health issues and adults with long term health conditions. 

Bromley Well also offers specialist support with housing and benefits issues, development support for other third sector organisations delivering health and social care services and volunteering support for any resident in Bromley.

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