Carelink and assistive technology

BP Carelink

Carelink and assistive technology allow people to live in their own homes with greater independence. They are sometimes known as Telecare

There are a wide range of alarms and assistive technology equipment available in order to get help, security and peace of mind 24 hours a day

Who can use the service:

  • vulnerable people at risk, who meet theeligibility criteria for adults.
  • younger people with disabilities can also apply to have the service and should speak to their care manager or to an occupational therapist.
  • customerswho are in receipt of a care or welfare package may also be able to obtain the Carelink service on a private basis.

The service is intended for people who:

  • are capable of understanding how to use the alarm/assistive technology
  • maybe virtually housebound
  • are at risk of collapse or fallingwhere delay in receiving assistance could be dangerous
  • may have suffered an emergency in the last 12 months
  • live alone or with a spouse/carer who is unable to leave the house because of the risk to the person cared for

Alarms and assistive technology can be provided on a short-term basis (up to 4 weeks) following hospital discharge or when carers are away on holiday. The minimum chargeable period is four weeks which covers the services administration costs.

Do I have to pay?

We will assess your needs, and if you get an alarm you may be asked to pay part of the cost, depending on your financial circumstances. Once you have been assessed by a care manager they will pass the information to Carelink and the service will arrange to visit you and install the equipment. We will let you know how much you will have to pay for the service.

All equipment is on a hire basis. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, internet and telephone or by direct debit.

What is the difference with Monitoring Only and Full Response service?

You can choose to have a monitoring only service which means that in an emergency we will alert at least 3 people you know who have keys to your home you have agreedfor us to contact. If they cannot visit you immediately then Bromley will send out a Mobile Response Unit but there is a charge each time this happens.

You may choose to have the full service which means that if you require a visit from the Bromley Mobile Response Unit in an emergency the cost of this is already part of the weekly charge.

For further information see our Telecare and Carelink information sheet

What are the costs?

If you are assessed as having to pay, the charges are:

The Monitoring Service is £5.74 per week with a call out charge of £82.60 - if the people you tell us to contact in an emergency cannot visit you and we need to send out a Mobile Response Officer. The full Mobile Responsive Service costs £8.61 per week.

If you have any additional assistive technology items thetotal Monitoring Only cost is £8.61 per week andtotal Full Response is £11.48 per week.

All weekly charges are paid quarterly in advance.

Housing Associations

Costs for Housing associations are different as there is no equipment outlay. If you are a housing association and wish to discuss the service and costs please contact Carelink.

If you would like a care link alarm or think you would benefit from having some assistive technology in your home email:

This link will take you to a useful leaflet called Supporting your independence and wellbeing with Telehealth and Telecare

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