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Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB)

See how the partnership is helping to make Bromley a safer place to live and work

The Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) brings together a number of different organisations and services from across Bromley to see how they can make Bromley a safer place to live and work.

The BSAB is particularly focused on making sure vulnerable adults are kept safe from harm and abuse.

There are some groups of people who are more vulnerable to people who may choose to cause them harm, or who are unable to tell other people that they have been harmed easily. They could be vulnerable due to a disability, their old age, dementia or other conditions that limit their communication.

Which organisations and services are part of the BSAB?

The BSAB is a partnership of the following organisations and services:

• Bromley Council (www.bromley.gov.uk)

• Metropolitan Police Service (www.met.police.uk/your-area)

• NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (www.bromleyccg.nhs.uk)

• local health services, including community services and hospitals

• voluntary organisations and charities

• care providers

• supported housing providers

Maintaining independence and challenge

The BSAB has an independent chair to oversee the development and implementation of an overall strategy [PDF, 1.8MB] and annual business plans [PDF, 4.5MB] and to ensure that this reflects learning from investigations and any Serious Case Reviews and other areas of work.

More about the BSAB

Find out more about the work of the partnership.



What is safeguarding?

Watch the video to learn more.

Domestic abuse against women

The Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) is a process which aims to allow statutory and voluntary agencies to give a consistent and structured response to managing the risk in cases of Domestic Abuse.


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The multi-agency Hoarding Panel manages complex risks to individuals in cases where the single agency approach has not resolved the risks to the person concerned.


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Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SAR)

The Bromley Safeguarding Adults Board may carry out a Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) when a vulnerable adult has died or been serious harmed and abuse or neglect is suspected.


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Are you concerned that that someone you know, perhaps a friend or a neighbour, is neglecting themselves?


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