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Get inspired by some of success stories

Rebecca's Story

"It has been almost a year and a half that I adopted my beautiful daughter. Since the day she came to live with me, I have never looked back. She is such a joy, even when a little challenging, I love being her mummy.

I am a single adopter and had decided a long time ago that I would one day adopt a child. In July 2011 I felt that it was now time to follow that path and start the adoption process. I was allocated a lovely Social Worker who was so supportive and made me feel totally relaxed during my life story section of the process.Before 2011 I was a little anxious about talking about my past for the life story work but once I realised that it was just a story and not to put such importance on that, then I had no hesitation on going forward.

Although the process took approximately a year from the introductory course until placement; when I look back now it actually went quickly in regards to the timeline of processes to safeguard the children who are put up for adoption. I did find going to panel a little nerve racking but it went so quickly and was absolutely fine!

Once my daughter was placed with me I took several months off work to be with her and I must admit that it took all of that time to really get to know each other and build a strong bond. At the time I thought we bonded well but it is only now and looking back that I can compare the strong bond, love and trust that we have developed since then.

When I first returned to work it was a little challenging juggling work and home life but once I got a good routine going and with the support of my family things are now going much better.

My daughter has been with me now since she was 19 months old and now she is 3 years old. Adopting her was the best decision I have made in my life. The whole family have been right behind me the whole time and can't do enough for her; she is totally adored by each and every one of them.

I find so much satisfaction looking after my daughter, taking her to the park, getting splashed at bath time, messy craft time and reading to her at bed time. The challenges of tantrums somehow also completes the role of mum!

I would say if your heart's desire is to start a family through adoption then just go for it! In my opinion, the length of time it takes is certainly worth the wait and throughout the process focuses on the outcome, it worked for me!!"


Sarah and Will's Story

“We had the privilege of adopting an adorable two year old boy at the end of 2013. The process had its highs and lows.

Despite, the ups and downsnothing compares with the daily joy and wonder that our son has brought into our lives-the joys of having our faces stroked by his loving little hand, of watching him sleep peacefully and trustingly in his bed, of hearing him sing ‘I love my mummy, I love my daddy’, of seeing a face light up with contentment and satisfaction after a cuddle.

The professionalism and commitment of our social worker and our son’s foster carers stood out as some of the highlights. The preparation classes were very exhausting but equally, exciting, enlightening and effective. Our friends are still jealous about not getting the opportunity of free parenting classes for their biological children, like we did!

Our son’s social worker, from another borough (not Bromley) was less than impressive. And at a point in the process, our boy’s parent contested the adoption order. Both of these were low lights in the process.

Our advice to you, if you are considering adoption is to rest assured that when your child arrives, you will feel no different from if you had her/him biologically. The thought that, the parenting experience may feel less authentic for an adopter than a biological parent is one of the biggest obstacles, we think, to adoption.

It is important that you engage in the process especially the parenting classes. Read the books, talk to your social worker, speak to others about their experience and do your research. The process will change you. If you are like us, you will emerge at the other side knowing your own self better.

Your engagement will help your thinking process so that you can be clear about the kind of child you wish to adopt - age, gender, background, and medical history.

All in all, in exchange for the joy we now have, we would gladly go through the process all over again.

Best wishes on your adoption journey!”

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