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Meet some of our children

These are designed to give you an idea of the kind of children who need adoption.

The picture is of an actor and the names have been changed.



Daisy (aged 6) and Luke (aged 4)

Daisy and Luke are sociable children and have a close relationship with each other. 

Daisy is an articulate girl who enjoys school and is achieving satisfactorily in all areas. She likes drawing and writing, and has a range of dolls that she likes to play with.

Luke loves anything to do with the outdoors and is an endearing boy. He attends a nursery and has recently had some speech therapy input. He is talkative and manages to make himself understood, although it is not always easy to understand him upon first meeting him.


Background factors

Daisy and Luke have been looked after and with the same foster carers since August 2013. Due to their early experiences, both children like to please adults and have had periods of difficulty in managing feelings such as fear and frustration. Daisy shows this through being argumentative and Luke can be overactive. 

However, it is reassuring that they have remained with the same foster carers who describe the children as rewarding to care for.


Family required

Daisy and Luke need a family who will be sensitive to their early experiences whilst providing clear boundaries and lots of nurturing.

Daisy and Luke also have a baby half-brother, who is in a separate foster family and may need to be placed for adoption. Enquiries are especially welcomed from families who could consider adopting all three children together.

Twice-yearly indirect contact is proposed with the birth parents and possible direct contact with an older sister.

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Daniel (aged 3)

Daniel is an energetic and engaging little boy who is very interested in what is going on around him.

His favourite toy is a motorised fire engine and he really enjoys joining in with ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. He also enjoys bouncing on his trampoline and playing outdoors. He sleeps well but is a fussy eater. He is very sociable and enjoys the company of other children. His foster carer describes him as ‘a lovely little boy’.


Background factors

In 2012, Daniel was diagnosed with infantile spasms and completed a course of medical treatment. He is no longer on any medication and there have been no further spasms, but if he does develop epilepsy in the future, then the situation will have to be reviewed. 

The last review of his health with the Consultant Community Paediatrician was in June 2017. Whilst he has made pleasing progress, he remains globally developmentally delayed, with his communication and social skills being the most affected. 

Daniel has older half-brothers, who are being adopted and have been diagnosed with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. It is known that Daniel’s mother did drink alcohol during her pregnancy with him.


Family required

Daniel needs an energetic family who can accept his developmental uncertainty given his current developmental delay, and that of his older half-brothers. 

It is proposed that Daniel will have annual direct contact with his half-brothers and paternal grandparents.

Peter (aged 4)

Peter is a lively and happy little boy who often wakes up giggling and likes to be tickled. He is generally a gentle and affectionate child who likes interaction with adults and seeks out affection. He is generally physically healthy and he sleeps and eats well with a special liking for ice cream.

Peter had very little attention and was largely ignored within his birth family. Since being in his foster family, he is showing much more awareness of his environment, but he does have global developmental delay and severe learning difficulties. 

He has the needs of a much younger child. He can undress himself and will put his clothes into the laundry basket. He is also learning to feed himself with supervision. He has no speech or language but does babble and sing and also communicates through gently touching foreheads.

Peter knows his mind and will communicate this to his carers through facial expression and by leading them to what he wants. Peter gains great enjoyment though sensory experiences, light, sound, music and touch, with a special fondness for the washing machine! He loves different textures and gently playing with hair. He also likes rough and tumble play with his carers.

Peter can approach strangers but he does distinguish between adults. He responds to routine and familiarity as well as interaction and physical affection. He likes spending time outdoors and enjoys being on the roundabout or swing and in water.


Background factors

Peter is one of four children in the birth family, all of whom experienced physical and emotional neglect. Both of Peter’s birth parents have learning difficulties, additionally Peter’s birth mother consumed alcohol throughout her pregnancy with Peter.


Family required

Peter needs a patient family who are prepared to accept the level of uncertainty for Peter but who will derive enjoyment from being his parents. Adoptive parents will need to be able to consider indirect contact with his birth parents and direct contact with his siblings, who are being placed for adoption separately. 

Sarah (aged 9)

Sarah is a friendly girl who is very good at imaginative play. She enjoys drawing, colouring and swimming but her main interest is animals. Sarah loves drama and performing. She is very creative and imaginative. She also loves all things “girlie” and pink! 

Sarah enjoys going to school and is keen to learn. She attends a mainstream primary school and receives some additional support within the classroom. Her teacher says she is enthusiastic and eager to please and has started to develop some friendships at school, but sometimes needs a bit of help to sustain these friendships. 

When Sarah initially became looked after, she was significantly behind her peers, however she has made excellent progress with the support of her foster carer and teachers.


Background factors

Sarah experienced severe neglect within her birth family home. Sarah has also probably witnessed domestic violence between her birth mother and her partners. Sarah was responsible for taking care of her birth mother from a young age due to the birth mother’s ill health. 

Sarah has also been receiving some support to enable her to talk about her earlier experiences and how she is feeling. She is more able to talk to her foster carer when she is upset or has something on her mind. She can sometimes become upset about her situation – being in foster care - and was initially sad when she became looked after. She is asking lots of questions and appears to be trying to make sense of her situation. 

Sarah accepts that she cannot return to her birth family and is aware of the plan to find her an adoptive family.


Family required

Sarah needs a nurturing and gentle adoptive family who will be able to provide clear boundaries, a good routine and a family who would be open to letterbox and possible face to face contact with some birth family members.

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