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How many people are using this Bromley Local Offer website?

Review of website visits

October 2015 to September 2017

This page provides a review of the number of visitors and page views on the Bromley Local Offer website.


The Bromley Local Offer website has been part of the London Borough of Bromley’s Bromley MyLife website since October 2013. 

Since then the Bromley Local Offer website has gone through 4 major phases of development based on feedback from the website users, including parents, professionals and, to a smaller scale, young adults. 

In January 2017, a staffing resource was recruited within the Bromley MyLife support team for 12 months to spend 80%+ of their time working on improving, enhancing and expanding the website. 

This resulted in a 6 month project of co-production with young people to develop a new ‘Young adults’ section on the website. This staff resource left the Council for personal reasons in September 2017 and is yet to be replaced. 

Quarter 2 in 2017-18 has seen a significant rise in both the number of unique visitors and page views — both over 50%. 

With the exception of Qtr 2 in 2016-17, there has been an increase in the number of visitors and page views on the Bromley Local Offer website since Qtr 3 in 2015-16.


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